Chapter 4 – 10

Chapter 4 – Astral Soul

Chapter 5 – Soul Seal

Chapter 6 – Moon Anise

Chapter 7 – Ling Mo

Chapter 8 – Setting Out

Chapter 9 – Attempted Murder

Chapter 10 – Trauma

I fell sick again and was unable to release chapters, but here is chapter 4-10. Please enjoy them!

I will no longer do daily releases but will instead do 2 a week, they will not be on specific dates but I will try to add them throughout the week and not both on the same day.

Thank you for reading our story!

Kind regards



Published by

Tina Lynge

Author of Blue Phoenix, Overthrowing Fate, Condemning the Heavens, My Life or Your Memory, Money-Grubbing Lover and co-writes Rest in a Demon's Embrace

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